Rave parties are associated with all-night bashes marked with DJs shuffling electronic music generally known as Psy-trance or Rave music. Events like teen raves, underground raves, uprising raves are very popular in parts of Israel . Rave-goers from almost every corner of this earth gather here to feel this experience. Electronic music is synchronization to colorful lights. Styles of dancing include glow-string, popping and locking, poi and liquid dancing.

Club drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine, ketamine and hashish are commonly used by the rave-goers that give them a reflexive party mood and experience. Psychoactive drugs like "E" and LSD used commonly in parties have shown immensely powerful effects in mind and body. Though psychoactive drugs have non addictive properties, the adverse effects it has shown are dreadful. So, it is very essential to try and find out about the effects of the stuff before scoring. People mostly end up buying indecent drugs at parties which spoils their party sprit.

The illicit drugs that are common in most raves are of two types:

  • Stimulants such as ecstasy, speed and crystal meth which are apt for trance, house and other upbeat dance tracks; and

  • Psychedelics such as LSD, mushrooms and DXM mostly used in drum 'n' base and techno floors.
These drugs give the feeling of rejoice, heightened wakefulness, amplified energy levels and give the spirit of jubilation to party non-stop for hours.

In early 1960s Caribbean origin people in London used to depict a party as rave in their jargon style. This party subculture generally grew in numbers around 1980s, and the term rave was used to describe acid-house movements and "E"-fueled club scenes in Houston .

In 1990s rave culture became very common. All-night raves drew thousand of people to secluded parts of the city where the parties were generally hosted. As these party movements continued to grow all over the globe, rave parties re- emerged in the U.S poles apart. In cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles raves lasted 2 or 3 days at a stretch

The expansion of the typical youth movement in US resulted in a sudden explosion in the late 90s which made rave subculture very popular. Electronic Rave music that emerged in this era became favorite to most of the young rave-goers in US. The common thread of the Hippie culture is very difficult to track down because the music and the party scenes showed variety in different parts of US.

Some cultural creeds related with their rave subculture are:
  • Peace - stay cool with people and uplift your culture
  • Love - stay close to other ravers and grow in numbers
  • Unity - stand together for the cause of the gathering
  • Respect- understanding the situation of the world and also those who are trying to make it better
Not only the youth but even grown-ups showed active participation for the enlistment of rave culture in the U.S. This has made rave culture extremely popular in the US . Raves were often regarded as free party, squat party and gay revelry. However rave is very much a youth-motivated movement .

People normally associate rave parties as illegal and drug abuse. But it should be noted that raves are actually legal jamborees. Although drug scenes tend to be persistent at many raves, it is not at all necessary to feel the actual rave experience. It is a misconstruction of beliefs in the minds of most ravers.

Today we have various categories of rave music like the ambient, techno & trance, progressive trance or PSY-trance, cybertrance, house & jungle, drum 'n' bass, techstep & back roll, big beat and Japanese ultrasonic. Though it is unfamiliar to most people these tracks are internationally famous within the rave community. The new evolution raves are equipped with skilled DJs and Glowstringers (dancers) who makes the rave ambiance extra lively.

Canadian rave culture is pretty similar to that of US. In recent times Canadian raves have become eminent internationally. Party scenes in Canadian cities like Vancouver , Toronto and Montreal are awe-inspiring to most ravers who collect here from different corners of this world. House raves and closed party scenes have also come up in smaller cities.

Parties like Montreal Black and Blue attracts government funding as they bring lots of revenue from the tourists. The Bal-en-Blanc is an annual rave event in Montreal which attracts people from almost every corner of the world. These rave events are considered one of the greatest of all parties and draw a lot of media attention. The government generally facilities the party organizers and party venues are mostly at Montreal Olympic Stadium and the Montreal Convention Centre.

But raves in Toronto and Vancouver , are different and mostly underground and draw attention of the gay community. Toronto rave scenes are eventually considered internationally one of the pre-eminent. Toronto raves draw the attention of thousands of different sections of people. But today the party scene in Toronto is dying off with reducing party promoters due several reasons. Canadian raves are always world favorites as the events are always new-fangled.

Rave parties in New-Zealand and Australia draw the attention of lots of rave-goers may be because of the party locations. Locations such as hill tops, caves, warehouses and jungles add a lot of zeal to the ambiance of the party. The party promoters even facilitate people with online flyers. Australian Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush is a most popular venue as it has ample large warehouse space available and the advantage of a secluded location.

In recent times a number of events were hosted in "superdome" at the Olympic Park due to its enormous capacity. This huge ground has enough open air space for people to "chill out" and lay their tents. Parties in this continent sometimes continue for days. Events such as "Vital beats" are very common in this part of the world. For these events, organizers mostly pick up places like bushland and river banks in and around the continent.

As a favorite among the ravers, Australian Hardcore rave parties include scissor dancers. This is a common phenomenon amongst the local tribes but for others it is a lot to see. This style is also accompanied by lots of energetic glowsticking and LED lightings. Hippy culture in this part of the globe maintains a Doof party scene, which is often called Melborne shuffle in Australia . If you jam in these places you can bash without any break.

To avoid getting the blues we suggest some health tips that will be very much beneficial in enabling you to grab the real rave experience.
  • Drink plenty of water
    Yeah! We know you've already heard this many a times. Do it! Even though you may not feel thirsty. This is because Psychoactive drugs like "E" exploits the moisture level in your body and would dehydrate you quickly.

  • Stay cool
    There is a direct correlation between body temperature and the neurodegenerative effects of ecstasy. So it is advisable to distance yourself from heat. Try to move out of the middle of the dance floor once in a while.
  • Don't push it too hard
    Yeah! It is always true that drugs give you different highs depending on the ambience and also the company you are with. So, instead of being frustrated, try to realize and listen to your own voice.
  • Carry your own party gear
    Your bag-pack must contain a first-aid pouch, your wallet, toiletries, a torch light, glow-strings and mineral water.
  • Be at your Best etiquette
    Wear as per the theme of the party or else be in your funkiest outfit. It is advisable to carry your own stuff, please stay away from the dealers in parties. They can give you stuff at low bucks which may result in indecent stuff unless you know them well. Never try any new drug at a party. Chill out within your group.
  • Be the friendly guy
    Yeah! You should mingle with other ravers but never get over-friendly, especially when you are parting at a new place.
So with this knowledge we hope you'll be loading-up for the next rave, on a more confident and informed note. Go for it!
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